Free local bus shuttles to Head for the Hills

Arrive alive, and have fun doing it!

Free shuttles are offered locally to and from our beer festival. Parking is limited…so skip the fuss and take the BUS!

Carpool, taxi, or walk to these local locations to get to Head For the Hills and home safely.

Route 1 Pick-ups:

Acton Go Station

Limehouse Public School

Click here to see schedule for Route 1 – Acton and Limehouse

Route 2 Pick-Ups:

Glen Williams Public School

Furnace Room Brewery

Mold-Masters Sportsplex

Click here to see schedule for Route 2 – Glen Williams, Furnace Room, Mold Masters

Route 3 Pick-Ups:

Georgetown South (Mountainview & Danby Plaza)

The Gellert Centre Community Park

Click here to see schedule for Route 3 – Georgetown South

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