Got your Brew Crew? Check out the craft beers coming in 2018

Y’all ready for this?

This year at Head for the Hills, the Georgetown Craft Beer Festival, get ready for more beer than ever before. More breweries is just ONE of the ways we are working at making our festival bigger and better this year. We have 35+ breweries coming to pour. More breweries means more to try, more to discover, and less lines to wait in for a taste.

We have more good news. We are an entirely volunteer-run event that donates 100% of proceeds to local charities. So, not only can you satisfy your inner craft beer snob, you can donate to charity while doing so. There’s no down side!

We are a few short weeks away from the Festival, and the breweries are still rolling in. See who’s on the docket to attend so far this year: Take me to the beer!

2015, 2016, and 2017: 

Pours served with a smile, from a collection of carefully curated craft breweries local to Ontario…

Raise a glass. Drink some beer. Do some good.

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