Head for the Hills brings you a bigger and better beer fest.

We’re expanding. And not just because we keep drinking craft beer . . .

This year marks the fourth year of our Festival, and it is truly bigger and better than ever before. We are a dedicated group of volunteers who organize this shindig in our spare time (yes, we all have day jobs!). We pride ourselves on not only organizing this event and donating money to local charities, but also on how we continue to grow and improve our Festival. We care about our town, we care about the event we’ve built, and we care about your experience when you come to it.

Here’s why Head for the Hills 2018 will be bigger and better:

  • More room. We increased our event space by 50% by adding another field.
  • More to pour. We added 10 more breweries on top of last year. More breweries = less line-ups.
  • More to savour. We added more food trucks than ever before, bringing in new gourmet eats.
  • More friends. With a bigger event, there are way more tickets available, so bring your whole Brew Crew!
  • More buses. We added 2 more buses to our free shuttle service picking up around town.
  • More pandering. We made this year’s VIP experience with more perks than ever before. For a $50 ticket upgrade, VIPs get access to the VIP area with seating and coverage, exclusive VIP beers and food samples, 4 extra tokens on entry, VIP washrooms, preferred parking, express entry, and a collector’s full size pint glass as a thank you gift.
  • More to charity. As you can see, our goal is “more”. We’ve grown our charitable donation year over year, and 2018’s goal is no exception. Our goal this year is to see our funds raised keep growing, so we can keep drinking beer and doing good in our community.

What’s the backstory?

When our group of volunteers first started talking about hosting a craft beer festival in Georgetown, we had no idea if the idea would take off or not. We weren’t sure if we would be a one time Festival, or if we would grow year over year. Luckily, it was the latter.


Back in 2015, the inaugural year of the festival, we waited nervously on the morning of the event, hoping that even 1,000 people would show up. 3,000 people came and the event sold out by noon, even in the rain. What did we learn? Georgetown loves craft beer, we need to do this again, and we need to triple the amount of outhouses! We donated $5,000 to Food4Kids that year. In the Fall, LCBO Food & Drink magazine named us in the Top 10 Beer Festivals of 2015.


In 2016, we started to grow. We added an additional 10 breweries, changed up the event lay out to double foot path access to the vendors, and indeed we tripled the outhouses. Once again, the morning of the festival we waited and hoped that lightning would strike twice. 5,000 people came and we were sold out again, even in the rain. What did we learn? Rain doesn’t stop Georgetown from drinking craft beer, more outhouses were a great idea, and let’s start getting ready for Year 3! We donated $15,000 to Food4Kids that year. We were voted the #1 Beer Festival in Ontario in an online public poll and won the Canada 150 Arts Alive Award for the “New Arts, Culture, and or Heritage Event” category in Halton Hills.


In 2017, we kept fine-tuning. Even more breweries were added, new games and food trucks were added, and for the first time we launched the VIP Experience: a way to increase donations to Food4Kids while providing some “perks” to those who want to upgrade. The morning of the festival came, and for the first time there was no rain! We were happy, but then we weren’t sure what the sunshine would mean for our attendees – would it be too hot, too crowded? Our festival was, once again, packed! What did we learn? Beer is good rain or shine, we’re definitely a growing festival, and we need to find a way to lessen the line-ups. Our event became so popular that we couldn’t keep up! It was a great problem to have, but we started working right away on solutions for 2018. We donated $25,000 to Food4Kids that year. We received the Food4Kids annual “Big Heart” award and we were named in the Top 5 Autumn Beer Festivals NATION-WIDE by Via Rail’s blog.


Here we are in 2018, and we’ve added even MORE to the event in hopes that the experience continues to be awesome and we continue to give back to our community. Join us on September 15th to help make that happen and continue our story.

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