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The Georgetown Craft Beer Festival is proud to name Food4Kids as the featured charity for the third year in a row. In 2015, the festival donated $5,000. In 2016 that donation tripled to $15,000. In 2017, the sky is the limit!

The Georgetown Craft Beer Festival is entirely volunteer-run and 100% of proceeds are donated to local charities. Each year, Georgetown’s service clubs pick a communal feature charity (Food4Kids) and the remainder of proceeds are donated to other causes supported by the service clubs in Halton Hills. Learn more about the amazing organization, Food4Kids, here:


A 10 year old boy waited outside the locked doors of a school breakfast program. The program was to start at 8:15 and the child stood outside at 7:15 in the dark, in the cold and alone. He explained he had not had any food on the weekend and was hungry. Could he please have some food? This child inspired the launch of the Food4Kids program in 2012.

Now 5 years later, Food4Kids provides packages of healthy food for kids aged 4-14 years with limited or no access to food each weekend during the school year to 70 children in Halton Hills.  Each week volunteers shop, pack and deliver the food to our local schools.  We are funded through community grants, individual & corporate donations and fundraising initiatives. Food4Kids is a program that is very much in need in all of Halton and Hamilton, and is now in Kitchener-Waterloo and will soon start in Brantford and Niagara.  Many families in our community are struggling to make ends meet and often are left to make the hard decision of whether to pay the bills or buy food for their children.  Food4Kids offers hope and allows children to start their week at school alert and ready to learn and play with their friends.  During July and August Food4Kids offers a summer program, the only one of its kind in Canada.  This summer 24 families in Halton Hills will have food delivered directly to their homes including a recipe and all the ingredients needed for the family to cook a meal together.

For more information about the Food4Kids program or getting involved contact the Halton Hills rep Eva Podoski eva@food4kids.ca.





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