Head for the Hills benefits Food4Kids

On September 19th at the Trafalgar Sports Park you have the chance to be part of something big by coming to the inaugural Georgetown Craft Beer Festival, Head for the Hills. You should come for the beer, the food, the music, and the friends, but most importantly, you should come for the cause. Head for the Hills is donating all proceeds of this event to local charities. This year’s recipient is Food4Kids North Halton, a group in our immediate community that helps provide food to kids in need between the ages of 2-14.

Food4Kids started 3 years ago when Lena Bassford of Hamilton arrived at a primary school early one Monday morning for a breakfast program and found a young boy waiting eagerly outside the still-closed school doors. When asked why he was so early for school, the boy replied he hadn’t eaten since Friday and couldn’t wait for a bite from Lena. This inspired the need for a charity like Food4Kids. During the school week it is often possible for kids to get food from nutritional programs, but what about over the weekend, or on Christmas or summer breaks?  Food4Kids distributes bags of fresh, nutritious food to kids in need every Friday and during school breaks, ensuring they have something to keep them going over the weekend.

Food4Kids quickly expanded, serving not only Lena’s area in Hamilton, but also our very own Halton Hills. Leslie Salisbury, the sole administrator for the North Halton program, says that Food4Kids now serves over 60 kids in Georgetown and Acton alone. There is an average of 5-25 kids enrolled in public schools in Georgetown who rely on Leslie and her volunteers at Food4Kids for meals. Leslie and her team get to know each child and their families while enrolling them in the program, ensuring that their work remains community-focused. Leslie shares “what is just as important as filling hungry bellies is showing these kids that they belong to a community—a community that makes them feel cared for, makes them feel important, and shows them they have help.

It costs $10/week per child and Food4Kids is 100% community funded, receiving no funding from any government or granting bodies. This is money that comes straight from our community and makes sure kids have fresh fruit and vegetables to go home with every Friday. Leslie laughed, saying she develops quite a rapport with the kids over time: “One time I packed green beans in the bags…you wouldn’t believe the flack I got! To this day, when I instead put in a peach or a banana, some kids open the bag and say ‘Phew! At least it’s not those green beans!’”

Leslie and her team of volunteers are changing the lives of many youth and their families in our community. Join us at Head for the Hills and email Leslie Salisbury at leslie@food4kids.ca to learn how you can help. Volunteers and donations are always welcome!

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